The Stablecoin That Empowers Cardano

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1 USDA = 1 USD

Every USDA is backed 1:1 by USD. Redeem it when you need it. Anytime.

Fueled by Cardano

Leveraging its security, low fees and eco-friendly ecosystem


USDA is built to stand the test of time

By Cardano

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your token

Reduce volatility by locking in the value of your crypto assets.

Fast global transactions.

USDA is a stable asset providing Web3 companies and organizations a shelter from market volatility.

USDA brings more opportunities for yield farming and liquidity on DEXs.

Anzens, your platform

Closing the gap between TradFi (Traditional Finance) and DeFi.

Mint and burn USDA directly from your own account.

Utilize it as the backbone of your Web3 business.

Low fees for any and all transactions.

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